About Us

IPD Parts South Africa

IPD Parts South Africa, one of South Africa’s most comprehensively equipped diesel engine and component re-manufacturers, is the distributor of IPD engine parts.

IPD has been manufacturing high quality diesel and natural gas engine components since 1955 and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

IPD products are Caterpillar replacement parts which, unlike parts being sourced from the East, are manufactured in a quality controlled environment. This gives customers optimum confidence about the quality and integrity of the parts.

The current product line offers both wide and deep coverage for engines in the older CAT 300 series to the later CAT 3500 series. This coverage helps IPD distributors to competitively offer engine owners overall lower costs


IPD, a global manufacturing, engineering and distribution company, provides quality components for heavy duty equipment. The company owns and operates six distribution centres around the world, and parts are distributed through a carefully selected distributor network.

The major criteria for selection as a distributor are experience and a superior knowledge of engines. IPD currently has a quality driven product line up of 8 000 parts including the most up-to-date parts available in the aftermarket.